Flagstaff Needs a Raise is a political campaign of the Flagstaff Living Wage Coalition. This association of Flagstaff residents, workers, businesses, and other organizations works to bring about positive labor policy changes to achieve the goal of all working people earning wages that afford a quality life in Flagstaff. The Coalition’s goal is to contribute to a broadly shared economic prosperity benefiting businesses and residents alike.

In 2016, 54 percent of Flagstaff voters approved increasing the local minimum wage to $15 by 2021, increasing the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers to the full minimum wage by 2026, protecting workers’ tips, establishing local enforcement to prevent wage theft, and protecting workers’ rights.

Now those rights, protections, and the scheduled minimum wage increases are under attack. The Chamber lobby, with dark money from American Encore, a Phoenix-based front for the billionaire Koch Brothers, is trying to overturn our minimum wage law. They got their misleadingly named Sustainable Wages Act  on Flagstaff’s November ballot. Their “amendment” of the voter-supported Minimum Wage Act would lower the future minimum wage, remove protections of workers’ tips, and eliminate all one fair wage and local enforcement provisions.